CAEF EA presented its work to the Member states` Certification Bodies

Published on Wed, 06/27/2018 - 12:34

On June 21st and 22nd, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium, an Annual meeting of the Expert Group for Horizontal Questions concerning the Common Agricultural Policy, Sub-group Certification of Accounts was held.

During the plenary session CAEF EA was invited to present its experience in applying the new Guidelines on the Annual Certification Audit of EAGF/EAFRD expenditure. These Guidelines are not obligatory for FY 2018 however Bulgaria is one of the four countries that chose to apply them as of the current financial year.

During the presentation the Director of “Audit work” Directorate highlighted the following main aspects of the CB`s work: 

- Development of the certification function 2000-2016;

- CAEF EA Capacity;

- Comparative analysis of the results from the implementation of the old Guidelines for FY 2017 and the new ones for FY 2018;

- Benefits and challenges related to the implementation of the new Guidelines.


The presentation received extremely positive feedback from the representatives of the other Member States.

During the meeting, CAEF EA’ s auditors exchanged useful operational information with the representatives of the other CBs and the European Commission. They also took the opportunity to raise some important issues closely related to the practical implementation of the new Guidelines and to the legislative changes concerning the European agricultural funds.

The presentation of the Bulgarian CB can be found here.